Oracle XE as a Service

We propose a IaaS solution, based on Oracle XE database edition, which is free with limitations.

You can setup your application, request a database from us and connect it through the VPN, and we do all the administration tasks.

This offer is completely customizable: contact us for any request.

The Oracle Application Express environment can be installed on this database, for a completely free solution.

Try the solution on our demo platform, and ask for a workspace.


Based on OVH Essential VPS offer:

  • physical location in EU, Canada, Australia or Singapour
  • 500 Mbits bandwitdh, IPv4 / IPv6
  • RAID 1 SSD
  • CentOS operating system
  • OpenVPN connectivity


  • Database availability,
  • Backups and restore: RPO: 1 hour maximun, RTO: best effort,
  • As from 100€ per month / per database,
  • Additionnal services: tuning, architecture advices, …

Oracle XE limitations

Based on Oracle official policies (

As of March, 2019: Oracle Database Express

  • 12 GB of user data,
  • 2GB of memory,
  • 2 CPU threads,
  • 3 pluggable databases (for example: PROD, TEST, DEV)